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One to One Coaching

No matter what the outward focus of the coaching is, coaching is all about coaching the whole person and helping individuals work out who they really are, what they stand for, what it is that they really want and then how they are going to go out and make that happen.

The coachee is in charge of the session and what comes up and the coach will coach and work with whatever shows up in the session. And, whilst a coach will hold an individual accountable for what they have committed to do or be during a session, the coach will not advise or tell the client what to do. A coach is there to help facilitate an individual to come up with his own decisions and learnings and to help ensure that the client puts into place whatever changes the client. would like to make. 

One to One Executive Coaching

Individual hour-long coaching sessions for Executives on issues as diverse as:

Strategy and leadership

Work/life balance

Managing above and below you

Finding your mojo or joy in what you do

Confidence and resilience

Being the best version of you

And anything else that the individual brings to the coaching sessions

One to One Careers Coaching

Individual hour-long coaching sessions for individuals around their careers including: 

Career management

Getting a promotion

Managing a promotion

Changing jobs

Finding the job of your dreams

And anything else that the individual brings to the coaching sessions

One to One Training

This is specifically designed to support individuals who might need particular help developing a skill set in areas such as:

Communication skills

Conflict management

And any other bespoke issue that can potentially be agreed upon before embarking on the training

Giving or receiving feedback


Managing terms

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One to One Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to commit to a minimum number of sessions?

No! It is up to you to decide how many sessions you need and how frequently, however for coaching to be really effective it is encouraged that you have a minimum of 4-6 sessions and you have them regularly (most individuals have a session once per month).

2. Will anyone else know I am being coached by you?

No, unless you choose to tell them. Coaching is an entirely confidential process unless you choose to tell people you are being coached.

3. How long is coaching session and what should I expect in a coaching session?

A session typically lasts an hour. You will decide what is discussed. A coach is not an expert so will not advise you rather you will be asked questions and it is up to you to come up with your own solutions to your challenges.

4. What happens if I need to cancel a coaching session?

A session is cancellable up to 24 hours before a session after this a cancellation fee may be charged.

Do I have to do things in between coaching sessions?

You will only have to do things in between sessions if you have decided this is the right thing for you to do during the session – a coach will never give you homework unless you have specifically created it together!

How confidential is the material we discuss in the sessions?

The material is confidential unless you both agree that someone else needs to be informed.

Can I get my employer to pay for my sessions?

If you do, this becomes Executive Coaching (see the Executive coaching session).

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